As of 12 April, it’s no longer possible to make a new account or to make payments or requests. People with an existing account can still download the App and can sign in to cash-out their wallet.

Until 24 April, you can still cash-out any money in your Payso wallet through the App by going to MENU>CASH-OUT. If we can help in any way, email us at or text us through the PaysoBot in the App.

After April 24 2016 you will no longer be able to access the Payso App. You’ll still be able to cash out any remaining balance by contacting us directly at

Typically, it takes 3 – 5 business days once you cash-out for the money to be directly deposited into your bank account. Due to higher than normal cash out volumes during our close down period, processing time may be up to 7-10 working days. If you need any help please email us at or text us through the PaysoBot in the App.

When someone sends you money it goes into your Payso Wallet. Payments you send come out of your Payso Wallet. If you want to send a payment, but don't have enough money in your Payso Wallet, you can add a VISA or MasterCard.

You can cash out to your bank account whenever you want, for free.

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Payso uses bank-grade security to protect your financial information. All money is held and handled by regulated financial institutions. Click here for more information.

Peer-to-peer payments are 100% free in Payso. No fee to pay friends. No fee to receive money. No fee to cash out to your bank account.

Yes, it’s pretty sweet.

You can find bank account info on:

  1. One of your cheques
  2. Your bank statement
  3. Your online banking portal

...ah yes, ScotiaBank makes this a little trickier than most.

If you can not see your account number when you are logged in at go to “Account Settings” and under “Masking account numbers” select “Display”. Then return to your Accounts homepage and you will be able to see your account number.

This will be a 12 digit number, the first 5 digits are your “Transit Number” and the last 7 digits your “Account Number”.

Payso is available on any phone that runs an iPhone or Android operating system.

If you have an iPhone or Android phone and Payso is not working for you please send us a mail at

The Cash Out screen can be accessed in one of two ways

  1. The balance in your wallet is shown on the activity summary screen (see image). Tap on this Payso Balance and you’ll be taken to the ‘Cash Out’ screen.
  2. You can also tap the 'Cash Out" link in the menu. Once there, simply add or select the bank account you want the money sent to, enter how much you want and hit 'CASH OUT'.

Yes, the following are the default limits on your account:

  • Minimum single transaction: $1

  • Maximum single transaction: $130

  • Maximum daily transaction total: $250

  • Maximum weekly transaction total: $500

  • Maximum monthly transaction total: $1,000

  • Maximum annual transaction total: $1,500

If you wish to exceed these limits please contact us at We may require additional information, including a photo of your driver's license (both sides) or passport (picture page).

If you receive more than $1,000 of payments in any 12 month period you may be required to provide us with additional personal information, such as a copy of your passport, to ensure we comply with fraud and money laundering regulations. We will ask for these documents to be uploaded via a secure portal.

At any time, we reserve the right to ask for additional information if we detect suspicious behaviour on your account.

Please check the number and try again - we know that sounds obvious but it’s the most common issue :) If it still doesn’t work, drop us a line at and we’ll sort this out for you pronto.

If you’re having trouble logging in or if you have forgotten your password, please contact us at We're here for you.

We’d love to hear from you!


Twitter: @paywithpayso

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